Hey, everyone!

For those who were not at the meeting this past Thursday, we did a brief Elangomat training and discussed future events in the lodge. Speaking of which, the first Ordeal of the year is coming up in two weeks! You need to go onto Doubleknot register here. You will not be able to eat if they do not know you are coming. We are going to have a display board there talking about ceremony teams and what they do in the Lodge as a part of an event called Sash 'n' Bash.

For those who don't know what this is, all the various chapters in Tiwahe lodge have created poster boards explaining and illustrating different areas of the OA. As a chapter, we have created a board that talks about ceremony teams. These boards are displayed during and after the Saturday night feast for parents to look at and read so they know what their son is getting into.

Anyways, to get to the point, I'd like to ask for a couple Arrowmen (not including the ceremony team, who will be walking around in costume) who would be willing and able to stand by the board and answer questions.

Finally, it was promised to you all during the March meeting that we would give you a surprise reward once everyone in the chapter has their dues paid. To my knowledge, this has not been completely achieved yet. If you would like to get that special surprise, please make sure you have paid your dues for the year (it's only $12.50 per arrowman!).

Frederick Persons
Naabaahii Chapter Chief