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"Every Scout deserves a trained leader"

One of the keys to a successful Scouting experience for young people, second only to the selection of the right person for each responsibility, is trained volunteer leadership. Leadership training provides adult leaders with fundamental information about the aims and methods of the movement, as well as specifics about their particular roles in Scouting. Whether you are a new leader or an experienced leader, there is a training program for you! You might be wondering where to start, or what to do! Training is a continuous process throughout your scouting career. Young and old, new to scouting or experienced in scouting, there is always training for you - call your district training team to find out more!


Why do I need that training?

Everyone requires training for anything that is to be done well. Unit leaders are trained so that young people receive a worthwhile experience full of fun and adventure. How effectively the Boy Scouts of America can influence the lives of young people depends to a large extent on their leaders' abilities and understanding of the aims, principles and techniques of their various jobs within Scouting. It has also become mandatory for all leaders to be trained for units to be re-chartered as of 2011; making training a cornerstone of success for any unit in scouting.

What training do I need?

This Trained Leader Document will tell you the required and recommended training courses for your leadership position in Cub Scouting,Boy Scouting, Venturing, Varsity and Sea Scouting.

Youth Protection (Not older than 2 years) and the fast start for their specific position completed for every scout year they are registered leaders (**all Online Courses**).

Training continues along the scouting trail from position to position and it is recommended that leaders work to stay 1.5 years ahead of their current position to be able to fully maximize training for their Scout’s overall experience; that includes intermediate and advanced training.

Training Courses Requiring Recertification

Most BSA training courses do not require recertification with the obvious exception for Youth Protection Training (YPT) which is required every two years. Some courses can be required to be re-trained by Course and Camp Directors at their discretion at anytime for the safety of security of the Scouts and Scouters attending. Please be sure to consult Course and Camp Directors and or District Executives to ensure your unit has taken the requisite classes before any trip, trek or Unit high adventure outing.

The following is a list of courses requiring recertification and the timeframe for each:

  • Trainer’s EDGE – Three years
  • Paddle Craft Safety – Three years
  • Swimming and Water Rescue – Two years
  • Safety Afloat – Two years
  • Chain Saw Safety – Two years

Note: National Camping School certification is good for five camping seasons.


On-Line Training Opportunities Anytime (Also Called Supplemental Training) - with your BSA ID number (from your membership card, or see your unit leaders), log into the e-learning website, take these on-line courses. Your successful completion of these courses goes directly into your BSA Scoutnet records. If you have leaders who do not have access to the internet; these courses can be conducted in a classroom setting by a unit or an individual. Email the District Training Chair, Nils Erickson, for more information.

Click Here for all online training

In Person Training Opportunities

In person or onsite training can take place in any District or Council

With that said the Tecolote District offers the following on-site training opportunities:

To See other training opportunities provided by the San Diego - Imperial Council go HERE

Online Training Opportunities

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